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About the Practice Area

For many people, buying a home is a huge milestone as well as a significant investment. When you decide to buy or sell a house, it is crucial that  you hire a lawyer to ensure every step of the process is going appropriately. Our accomplished real estate attorneys at JHLegalHelper will ensure all your documents, financial institutions and the legal counsel of the opposition comply with the laws and protocols. We are well-versed in real estate laws and regulations and will make sure all the transactions are completed successfully.

At JHLegalHelper, we help our clients with the following legal aspects of real estate:

  • Revocable & irrevocable living trust
  • Residential & commercial eviction
  • Real estate sale and purchase dispute
  • Mediation

A trust is a legal agreement allowing people to take care of their assets. With a revocable trust, individuals can change the trust anytime they wish. They can also add or remove beneficiaries and assets from the living trust. It is vital to appoint a trustee to manage the trust once the owner passes away. If the grantor  unexpectedly passes away, the trust becomes irrevocable, which means that it cannot be changed. At JHLegalHelper, our dedicated lawyers will help create trust for your assets so it's easy to distribute wealth.

Residential eviction means when a landlord legally removes the tenants from their rental property. The situation generally arises when the tenants have stopped paying their rent or the terms of renting have been violated. By contrast, commercial eviction occurs on a commercial property. This situation usually arises for the same reasons as residency eviction. However, the laws slightly differ as the property is rented out to businesses instead of individuals.

It is common to find problems in the field of real estate. Both parties can find some common ground to resolve their differences with patience and cooperation. Hiring a real estate lawyer at JHLegalHelper can help you settle any property sale and purchase disputes. They will ensure the transaction is accomplished.

Mediation is a legal process that involves a neutral third person to help all parties settle the dispute by encouraging honest communication, evaluating the case, identifying the requirements and finding solutions. Our esteemed law firm presents mediators that can help solve disputes between buyers, sellers, brokers, agents and any other parties participating in the transaction.

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