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About the Practice Area

At JHLegalHelper, we work with various businesses and corporations to assist them with the legal aspects of running a company. Our dedicated team takes the time to understand every client's requirements and provides legal solutions to meet their expectations. We provide legal advice and consultations to institutions so that they can elevate their operations.

Our esteemed team of lawyers dedicates its attention to the following features of business and corporate law:

  • Business formation
  • Business buy and sell
  • Business mergers & acquisitions
  • Business litigation
  • Contracts draft & review

Business formation deals with the decisions made when creating a structure for your business. Choosing the suitable business formation from the beginning is vital as it determines the responsibilities, privileges, liabilities and restrictions that will be imposed. The different kinds of structures include limited liability companies, corporations, partnerships, sole proprietorships, non-profits, etc. Our lawyers have years of experience in the field and can guide you through making the right decision.

Buying a business can turn out to be more beneficial than starting a business from the bottom up, as an established business may already have a customer base, staff and physical or online presence. The attractive features of an existing business make it enticing to buy into. At JHLegalHelper, we will help to buy or sell your business right from the paperwork to the final transaction, and our attorneys will assist you with every part of the process.

Business mergers and acquisitions deal with the consolidation of companies. M&As happen when the business purchases another company, merges with it to create a new brand and acquires some or most of its assets. Our legal professionals will easily navigate the process of M&A, so you don't have to stress about the details of the transition.

Our qualified staff is well-versed in common laws and an expert in the field of business and corporate law. Their knowledge and experience ensure the fulfillment of any kind of litigation requirements you may have. From common disputes regarding contracts to claims of intellectual property, we help our clients with any type of legal situation. Additionally, our team meticulously drafts and reviews business contracts to ensure the documents are error-free and match your requirements.

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