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We are JH Legal Helper

Located in Los Angeles, JHLegalHelper is a multi-functional law firm. With the increasing number of Asians in Los Angeles and the rising demand for legal professional services, our presence cannot be underestimated. Our law firm is known for providing our clients with the most effective communication and the high-quality service. We serve a diverse group of clients from mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Our firm specializes in civil litigation, commercial law, real estate law, family law, and we help clients work together on their immigration law cases as well. We respect and take pride in meeting individual needs. We strive to understand what their real needs are, and provide specific professional legal advice and solutions to their demands or requests. Taking the maximization of the interests of customers as the starting point, we help our client out. We believe that patience, persistence and motivation will be the key to our efforts to overcome difficulties and successfully solve customer problems. We are committed to continuous exploration, research, and see the progress of the case with dynamic vision, so as to win the greatest benefits for our clients.

We are experienced in various areas

This practical approach to representation has helped clients reach significant success during our practice. We will work closely with our client and apply knowledge and expertise to any legal issue with which they are faced.
Please feel free to initiate an appointment for consultation with our attorney at (626) 469-7617.

The ultimate professional service

Professional non-litigation consultant + professional lawyer team to ensure that the service lawyers have successfully dealt with similar issues

1 second response and efficient completion

Efficient consultants are always on call to meet the needs immediately, and lawyers start the service within 30 minutes

Professional division of labor and cooperation

Specially communicate with the client's designated lead lawyer, and assign professional lawyers to provide long-term and stable collaborative services according to their needs.

About Our Office

JHLegalHelper is a leading provider of high-quality commercial and legal litigation services in Los Angeles. The firm has a long-standing reputation as a pioneer in the reconstruction and development of the legal industry. With years of experience and growth, our organization offers a broad range of legal services and is a highly competitive player in the legal assistance field. Our talented team of attorneys is dedicated to continuously improving our level of professional service.

In comparison to other Chinese law firms, JHLegalHelper has stood the test of time and remained steadfast through changes in social and economic conditions. Recognizing the need for a mature legal system that aligns with the current era, we have been instrumental in spearheading California’s legal reform.

Our organization has received recognition and awards from national and international professional institutions, in addition to praise from clients for our exceptional level of service and performance. It takes more than experience to be a great lawyer; it requires integrity, innovative thinking, and a strong team spirit. At JHLegalHelper, our commitment to prioritizing our clients' needs has established us as a prominent leader in the industry.

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Rich Business Experience

We provide the best rich business experience.

Senior Management Team

We provide the best senior management team.

Efficient Workflow

We provide the best efficient workflow.